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As a regionally and internationally acting service provider of the transport and logistics industry, we of course know about the responsibility to commit to a sustainable environmental awareness, within the scope of our possibilities. We have decided to focus on the upcoming young generation and to get involved in particular in projects in Zirl, our business's location.

At the end of 2014 we were contacted by Mag. Dominik Kornthaler – chairman and founder of the N.E.u.E. association – to inform us about the “BiodiverCity” project and their educational programme called “Kindergartln”. Since we were already looking for a meaningful and future-oriented way to support the offspring of Zirl, we were immediately captivated by idea of the association. Furthermore there were already some points of contact. Among other things we delivered cultivation vessels for urban  "BiodiverCity-Projects" free of charge.

Discreet Visibility

From the very beginning it was important to us not to turn our financial support for a project like “Kindergartln” into a banal marketing campaign. With the concept of Mag. Kornthaler we found a very good and agreeable way to address different groups of interests with the topic of “biodiversity”. The activities were not only focused on the children, but also on their parents & families as well as pedagogues and the population of Zirl in general.


Since we started together as projects partners – in particular with the “Kindergartln” project in Zirl – many things have happened. The team around Mag. Kornthaler was not only busy, but also inventive and professional and managed to transport the message to the population. Discreet, but unobtrusive, the brand AFS was transported.

What has happened during the "Kindergartln" project?

  • public relations – local, regional and in the whole of the Tyrol within the scope of the overall project
  • stationery, textiles, display material – used also in Salzburg and Carinthia
  • lectures on sustainability
  • education of pedagogues
  • dealing with the topic of microplastics (folders & activities)
  • workshops
  • public educational offers
  • “Kindergartln” (gardening) on a raised bed in Zirl – Kindergarten Marktplatz
  • prize competition
  • etc.


The year of 2017 is marked by the biggest "Urban Gardening Meeting" in Innsbruck in autumn. The event will be completed with an  area-wide prize competition for awarding  the most efficient private garden or balcony resp. So the upcoming year offers plenty of interesting projects with AFS as a partner.

Project BiodiverCity